Halsey to Host and Be Musical Guest on SNL

Halsey will host Saturday Night Live on February 9 and be the musical guest.

She tweeted on Sunday about her double-dosing (quote) “I am really too excited to sleep. Life is absolutely wild.”

Very rarely are both roles given to the same person. Around a dozen times has Saturday Night Live trusted a talent to do the whole shebang. The work load, from start to finish of the 90-minute show, is extraordinary.  (Billboard)

In the past decade, these are the singers who have been the musical guest the same night they hosted Saturday Night Live. Justin Timberlake (three times), Miley Cyrus (twice), Drake (twice), Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and most recently Donald Glover.

Also, six years ago, during his bad boy phase, Justin Bieber was the youngest guy to host and be musical guest. Afterward, SNL cast member Bill Hader declared Justin as the “show’s worst ever musical guest” and that includes the times Kanye West has been on.  (Watch What Happens Live)

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