WATCH: "Expensify This" Super Bowl Ad Starring 2 Chainz and Adam Scott

First it was Chance the Rapper, then Cardi B and Lil Jon -- and now 2 Chainz.

The Atlanta rapper is the latest artist to lend his star power to a Super Bowl ad. 2 Chainz will pop up during the big game in a commercial for Expensify. The :30 second spot is both an ad and a new song called “Expensify This.” If you take a picture of various receipts shown for big baller purchases and upload them to the Expensify app, you can actually win either the item or amount being shown. 

Hot Tub Time Machine and Parks & Recreation star Adam Scott pops up playing a record label executive.

In case you’re thinking it’s skippable, it’s not. There are tons of eye-popping stunts in the four minute-long version, including;

  • A man whose skin is painted completely gold
  • 2 Chainz marrying himself
  • A dude with a third eye
  • A golden hamburger
  • A guy who looks like a Viking version of Action Bronson in velour 
  • A diamond-encrusted football
  • Statues of a peach emoji and the rapper’s golden bust 
  • And, of course, a squad of soul-clapping black cowboy bodyguards flanking 2 Chainz

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