Doctor Removes The Wrong Kidney From Patient

What's your biggest fear when going into the hospital? Mine is accidentally walking in on a woman actively giving birth... What? That's a legit fear.

If you're biggest fear is having an organ removed that isn't suppose to be removed than this guy just lived your fear.

Seems a Massachuesettes urologist removed a kidney from the wrong patient after mistakenly reading the CT scan of another man with the same name.  The State's Board of Registration in Medicine issued its reprimand to Dr. Ankur Parikh after he admitted to the error. The board said in 2016 the urologist removed a healthy kidney from 65-year-old Albert Hubbard Jr. after mistakenly reading the CT scan of another man with the same name. The state found three mistakes on the doctors part that fell below the standard of care, including electing to remove the kidney despite observing it looked completely healthy. 

I'm not saying that this happens often but after doing some Googling it seems like the mistaken removal of body organs isn't rare. So next time you go to the hospital and you're not there to have an organ removed, make sure to let your doctor know.

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