WATCH: Missing 3-Year-Old Found Safe

Joy – an amazing thing to wake up with for a North Carolina family today. Little Casey Hathaway disappeared from his grandmother’s front yard Tuesday – and since then, freezing temps and rough terrain gave searchers plenty of concern. But that three-year-old boy is alive, well – and most importantly, HOME.

Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes says they got a tip about where Casey might be and the first officer on scene immediately heard Casey calling for his mom. Hughes said the "little fella is happy" to be back with his family. As you might imagine, Casey's mother is also overjoyed. In fact, she says Casey is up and talking…and has already asked to watch Netflix.

Casey went missing on Tuesday while playing in the backyard of his grandmother's home with two friends. As for the happy ending, Sheriff Hughes says the community was key. "It was folks giving us tips and leads," Hughes explains. "We hit every one of them immediately and it paid off."

Source: CNN

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