WATCH: Idiot Jumps from the 11th Floor of a Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean banned a daredevil, who jumped from the 11th floor of a cruise ship – and survived.

Nick Naydev intended his stunt to become a viral sensation. Mission accomplished: Over 100,000 people have commented on his Instagram video. He said afterward (quote) “My neck and tailbone hurt. I could barely walk for three days.”

Nick’s gang of bros laugh hysterically on the video as he climbed over his room’s balcony rail and without hesitation took a leap of a lifetime. Police pulled him out of the water and interrogated his buddies. All were expelled from the cruise and Royal Caribbean banned Nick Naydev for life. (Yahoo)

  • Nick plunged about 120 feet, which is half the distance for Golden Gate suicide jumpers – with a 98 percent fatality rate.
  • Olympic divers are 33 feet above the water on the high platform.  

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