No One Can Work with Meghan Markle

More evidence that Meghan Markle is difficult: Her personal bodyguard submitted her two-weeks notice that she's quitting.

Samantha Cohen has been on the job for less than six months. She joined Meghan’s team after the Royal Wedding.

Her bodyguard, known affectionately as "Samantha the Panther," worked 17 years for the Royals, but the inside word is that Meghan got on her last nerve. Apparently, Meghan detests the tight constraints on her movements. A source said, (quote) “Meghan wants to be one of the people. But in her current role, she can’t go anywhere without her protection team.”

Meghan’s aides have run for the exits. Her personal assistant quit last year. Her spokesperson also walked off the job. (The Sun, UK)

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