Jeff Bezos' Sleazy Sexts Revealed

Lauren Sanchez, the former TV news anchor who wrecked the 25-year marriage of Jeff Bezos, was betrayed by one of her loose-lipped girlfriends.

The National Enquirer got a hold of a “series of sleazy photos, X-rated selfies and explicit texts” from Bezos with the sneaky help from Sanchez’s girlfriend.

Sanchez was so giddy about dating Bezos that she felt compelled to share the receipts. That friend saw the scandalous value in them and reached out to the National Enquirer. The tabloid published several of the sexts and sleazy photos. A person who’s seen the unpublished D-pic said, (quote) “Bezos has more to boast about than his bank account. He’s big.”

Evidence straight from the mistress that the world’s wealthiest person cheated on his wife launched a four-month investigation. The National Enquirer dubbed it “Project Alexa” after Amazon’s gadget. (New York Post)

Those dirty sexts to his secret mistress could be the costliest in all of history.


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