WATCH: Imagine Dragons Singer Reconciles with Wife

Things are looking good for Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynoldswhen it comes to his love life. It seems he and his estranged wife Aja Volkman have reconciled after announcing their separation in April.

Volkman recently revealed the couple are in the process of “rebuilding” their relationship, posting a message on Instagram that reads, “I’m so proud of you @danreynolds I’m proud of your humility and ability to still show up as the basketball coaching baby loving Dad that you are.” 

The couple married in 2011 and has three kids together, one-year-old twin girls, Gia and Coco, and a five-year-old daughter, Arrow

In her post Volkman added, “An honest unbashed willingness to die a million deaths just to be sincere. That’s what we have done. And now. Honesty. That’s all we need. Continue to rip the bandaid off baby. I’ll do it with you. I’ll walk right through it and love every minute.” Check it out below. 

ONE MORE THING! As we previously told you, Imagine Dragons got some backlash for their performance at the CFP National Championship Game, which many felt wasn’t very good. Well, Reynolds, who had a sinus infection for the performance, took to Instagram to respond to the haters, admitting that after looking over the negative posts he felt “low” and his self-confidence was shot, even hinting that he thought about taking a break or even giving up on the band. But, he says, his daughters changed his mind, noting, “that’s not the lesson I want to teach them,” and that he’s “going to continue to make art and music that I’m proud of.” 

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