R. Kelly Goes After Accusers; Facebook Shuts Him Down

We knew that R Kelly had no intention of taking the accusations levied in “Surviving R. Kelly” lying down. Now we hear that he’s vowed to take down each one of his accusers one by one. 

Sources say that Kelz and his camp are trying to launch a website to expose them as liars. SurvivingLies.com will also reveal the true motivations behind the allegations. They were trying to launch a Facebook page dedicated to the cause, but the social media site pulled it someone posted alleged text messages between Kelly and one of the young females, where she repeatedly called him “daddy.” A spokesperson for Facebook claimed that the page was removed because it violated their Community Standards. 

In the meantime, Kelly’s first target is Asante McGee. She claimed to be one of his “sex slaves.” The now-defunct page linked to a YouTube video that featured audio that they claim is her daughter and her ex-boyfriend basically debunking everything she said. No one’s actually sure of the identity of the people speaking. They also claim that Asante is in cahoots with Joycelyn Savage’s father to extort R. You can check that out HERE

  • ONE MORE THING! Andrea Lee Kelly – R’s ex-wife and baby mama – called him a monster on the docuseries. However, she says she’s not opposed to him getting in touch with his kids. At this point, Jay, Joann, and Robert Jr.are grown and have to make the choice to be in contact with their father. But Andrea says she won’t stand in the way – no matter what they decide. 
  • AND THIS… Several artists – including Tank – have spoken out against Kelz. But what Omarion said was kinda wack. He was fine when he said that it was time to stop dismissing the singer’s behavior and hold him accountable for his action. But he messed up when he said that he would retire all the songs R wrote from his set list – after the Millennium Tour. Fans were in an uproar because he basically said he’d benefit off songs like “Bump, Bump, Bump” – which Kelly wrote – and THEN join the movement.

Source: TMZ

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