Groom Sues Friends for Wedding Day Hazing

It's all fun and games until the groom gets chased into oncoming traffic, gets hit by a car, and ends up suing the wedding guests.

The incident happened back in November after Ai Guangtao, a 24-year-old from the Guizhou province was getting ready for his wedding day. It appears that “wedding hazing” is a tradition dating back to the days of arranged marriages. Back then, friends and family members played jokes to “break the ice” between the bride and groom as they met for the first time; the ritual is also believed to ward off evil spirits.

But in the case, the grooms' friends went too far. After throwing eggs, beer, and ink on him, Ai went to pick up his future wife at her house. However, his friends ultimately stripped him to his underwear, taped him to an electric pole, and beat him with a bamboo stick.

Ai says that he got fed up when the group poured ink on his face. “Someone was chasing me and I couldn’t see very well because of the ink, then somehow I ran onto a motorway with someone tailing me behind,” he says. A BMW crashed into the road barricade trying to avoid him, then careened into him anyway, knocking him to the ground.

Ai ended up in the hospital for three weeks with internal bleeding and a skull fracture. Police also found him responsible for the accident and, thus, the damage to the BMW. The car insurance company hit him with a $4,372 bill. Now, Ai has to sue his friends to pay for the insurance cost.

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