HISTORY MADE! China first to land on dark side of the moon!

This a tad odd yesterday but it did happen...(Yes i'm talking to the flat Earthers).  China was the first to land on the dark side of the moon yesterday. Below you can see first photo below.  THIS is a big deal because most people don't know that we always see the same side of the moon due to rotation of our planet and our satellite (aka. Da Moon).  THIS was also odd because China did not televise this landing and it posted a the below photo THEN deleted it.  China does things different (ex: the iPhone is the #8 best smart phone there).  Click HERE for more on this landing!

ALSO...because I'm a science geek....did you know htat 12 people have actually walked on the moon.  Not just Neil Armstrong and Buzz Alrdrin.  Between 1969 and 1972, five more NASA missions landed on the moon, giving a total of 12 people the chance to walk, run and, even, golf on the lunar surface.  HERE IS A LIST of the twelve.  When you see them at a bar PLEASE buy them a drink.  They are cooler than you think.



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