Macaulay Culkin Is Legally Changing His Name

Macaulay Culkin's name is so nice, he's using it twice.

The former child actor announced last month on The Tonight Show that he's bored with his middle name, Carson, so he was having it legally changed in 2019. But he didn't want to make the decision alone, so he opened it up to suggestions. He started a poll on his website,, where fans could vote on a new middle name.

The poll ended on Christmas Eve and the winner, with more than 60,000 votes, was "Macaulay Culkin" -- thus making his new name Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. It beat out TheMcRibIsBack and Kieran, which was suggested by his brother Kieran Culkin. Macaulay tweeted his new legal name and added, "It has a nice ring to it (if you like my name)."



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