Cardi B Says "NO" To Maroon 5

First I'd like to say to all those who simply don't know the game of professional football... If you throw more interceptions than touchdowns. Will not be a starting quarterback in the NFL, OK???

Colin Kaepernick's game has gone to you-know-where, plain and simple. I admire those like Cardi B to protest events and situations she deems unfair, but at least know ALL the facts my people!!

Now, it's official. She won't team up with Maroon 5 at this year's halftime show.  In response to a TMZ’s inquiry on the subject, her trademark Boogie Down Bronx dialect delivered the obvious: “When they hire Colin Kaepernick back.”

So suffice to say, since Colin Kaepernick is still spending his Sundays water proofing his patio and trimming hedges—even though Maroon 5 and Cardi share a No. 1 hit with “Girls Like You”—she wants no parts of the Super Bowl. That's all fine and dandy, but again, please know and understand the facts... And the fact is, Colin is a lousy quarterback and team leader!! That's why he's unemployed... Not because of the color of his skin, his piggy socks or his love for Fidel Castro. Thanks for hearing me out. Peace!! 

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