Actress and Director Penny Marshall Has Died

Penny Marshall has died. According to reports, the 75-year-old succumbed to complications from diabetes on Monday night at her home in the Hollywood Hills. 

Marshall’s initial success came on the heels of her brother, Garry Marshall. He cast her in her first recurring role on “The Odd Couple” as Myrna Turner. She also appeared in “Happy Days” with Cindy Williams. The two teamed up for the spin-off, “Laverne & Shirley.” The show started in 1976 and ran for eight seasons - it's largely considered the most successful spin-off in television history.

Of course, Marshall later moved into directing - finding success with films including “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Big,” “A League of Their Own,” "Riding In Cars With Boys," and “Awakenings.” “Our family is heartbroken over the passing of Penny Marshall,” her family says in a statement. “Penny was a tomboy who loved sports, doing puzzles of any kind, drinking milk and Pepsi together, and being with her family.” 

  • The diehard Los Angeles Laker and New York Yankee fan holds several distinctions. Among them, “Big” was the first film directed by a woman EVER to gross over a hundred million dollars. She also gave Mark Wahlberg his first acting gig in “Renaissance Man.” One of her closest friends was the late Carrie Fisher, with whom she shared a birthday. She was also godmother to Carrie's daughter, Billie Lourd.
  • Married twice - once to director Rob Reiner - she is survived her daughter, Tracy Reiner (you might recall her as played Betty Spaghetti in "A League of Their Own"). Tracy was from her first marriage, but Rob adopted her and gave her his name.
  • Naturally, the tributes are flying from all directions. Everyone from second husband Reiner, to Tom Hanks weighed in on her passing. 

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