Lil Jon (and Kool-Aid Man) Dropped The Best Christmas Song

There was a moment in time when Lil Jon was the hottest thing in music.

That moment has come and gone, leaving an opportunity for Lil Jon to fade into nonexistence.

Thankfully for us, the rapper is self-aware enough to, instead, just put out hilarious music instead.

From Rolling Stone:

Christmas music tends to be somber stuff. Song tempos are often slow, verging on soporific. Singers lean heavily on the creamiest, most sentimental part of their vocal register. And lyrics tend towards the maudlin: “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams;” “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart/ But the very next day, you threw it away;” “Christmas just ain’t Christmas without the one you love.”

Veteran rapper-producer Lil Jon has the antidote in the form of “All I Really Want for Christmas,” an overwhelmingly energetic entry in the seasonal canon that is sure to enliven a dreary playlist. The unruly, pile-driving beat reaches back to the early 2000s crunk hits that made Lil Jon a household name. Lyrically, he could care less about “who’s naughty and nice” — this song celebrates the unchecked acquisitive spirit: “All I really want for Christmas is everything on my list,” the rapper asserts, delivering the line with his usual emphatic flair.

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