Royals Still Butting Heads Over Meghan Markle

We told you before that rumors Meghan Markle is “difficult” were further fueled by the fact that her royal secretary Samantha Cohen is reportedly leaving after Meghan gives birth. Now, sources are still saying that Meghan has been shaking up the Royals in a bad way, including the Royal “Fab Four.”

One source says Meghan has a “direct approach” to the Royal spotlight that doesn’t “sit well” with the “more refined British” – like her and Prince Harry’s controversial PDA, for example. We already know she’s pretty dedicated to humanitarian initiatives, and her rumored constant text messages with “ideas” about these kinds of projects have apparently been met with mixed responses. The source notes this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the Palace staff are turned off, as Meghan has “many loyal aides that enjoy working with her.”

But at the same time, another source has snitched to Entertainment Tonight doubling down on rumors that she’s causing “tension” betweenHarry and Prince William. It’s safe to say the Royal “Fab Four” have different approaches to life, and Will has apparently voiced his “concerns” about Meghan ever since she started dating Harry. That predictably hasn’t gone well, since Harry is “steadfast and absolutely besotted with Meghan.”

ONE MORE THING! You may recall that some actors turned heads walking around in public wearing Madame Tussauds wax heads of Meghan and Harry back in August. Well, they’re at it again – this time, with holiday spirit! The “live” wax figures have recently made appearances at an outdoor Christmas market in Berlin… and they’re still Royally creepy. Check out a video to the right.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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