WATCH: Actress Reveals She's Had a Second Kidney Transplant

Sarah Hyland revealed to Self magazine that she’s a two-time kidney recipient. Throughout 2017, she went to dialysis three times a week.

The Modern Family actress has been open about how six years ago her father donated a kidney. But in 2016, Sarah’s body began to reject his kidney. She was forced to go on dialysis.

Last fall, her younger brother secretly donated another kidney to Sarah. In the span of four days, she had a first date with now boyfriend Wells Adams, attended the 2017 Emmy Awards and the next morning she worked on the Modern Family show and that afternoon had dialysis in preparation for transplant surgery. She arrived to the hospital at four in the morning.

With all the scars on her belly from 16 surgeries since the age of seven, Sarah joked how her “stomach looks like New Jersey Turnpike.”

  • Around the time of her transplant, Sarah weighed only 75 pounds.
  • She felt shame that her body rejected her dad’s kidney and contemplated suicide.  
  • Sarah Hyland returned to social media to thank Self magazine for the opportunity and safe space to share her ordeals.


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