WATCH: Presidential Tension at the Bush Funeral

Donald Trump, the four living former presidents and their wives sat in the front row of the Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday for President George H.W. Bush's funeral to pay their respects.

How those presidents interacted with each other was a story in itself.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump were seated next to his predecessor Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama and they greeted each other upon the Trump's arrival with handshakes.

However, there was no such exchange of pleasantries between the Trumps and the Clintons, who were seated on the other side of the Obamas. Bill Clinton shot a glance at the Trumps, while Hillary -- Trump's bitter rival for the 2016 presidency -- stared straight forward.

The tension thawed a bit when George W. Bush arrived and greeted all the former presidents and their wives. (FOX News)

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