Odd Timing? Cardi B Finally Shows Baby Kulture to the World

Cardi B finally showed baby Kulture to the world on Wednesday afternoon — just hours after the world learned of her split from the baby’s father and her husband, Offset.

The question is, why was now the right time after holding off for six months? No one knows for sure, but here’s three possible theories: 

  1. Now that she’s solo, she can do what she wants. Offset was the one who wanted to keep Kulture hidden from the press and off social media. Now that he’s out of the picture, Cardi can do what she wants — and might have done it just to spite him.
  2. It’s a publicity stunt. Some say the entire break-up is all just a cleverly calculated marketing campaign for the Migos rapper’s upcoming album and Bardi’s new video. While she didn’t use the post to plug anything, it guaranteed she’d stay in the trending topics for another day, and you can’t buy buzz like that.
  3. She’s sending a signal that Kulture is her focus in life and that she’s not worried about any man or drama. 

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