WATCH: "The View's" Tribute to President Bush Lead to Fight

What started as a tribute to late president George H.W. Bush ended in an explosive argument between “The View” co-hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain. While the ladies honored the late 41st United States president during their Hot Topics segment, Behar threw shade at current President Donald Trump, which didn’t sit well with McCain.

Behar was commending Bush’s support of environmental issues, specifically his signing off on the Clean Air Act amendment in 1990. She added that Trump is “trying to unravel” both Bush and Barack Obama’s environmental efforts before being interrupted by McCain, who said she just wanted to focus on “honoring a great president” instead of talking about Trump.

The two went back and forth on air, and things got pretty heated before Whoopi Goldberg abruptly cut to commercial. But according to reports, that's when things really went off the rails – and while the ladies' mics were cut off so the audience couldn’t hear, Behar apparently continued to rant to producers, threatening to quit if they couldn’t “get this b***h under control.” Check out a clip of the on-air moment to the right.

  • Of course, this isn’t the first time Behar has gotten so upset on air that producers worried she’d walk off – like she did when Bill O’Reilly was featured as a guest. It’s also not the first time McCain has argued with Behar or her other co-hosts.
  • Not only are sources saying that the crew refers to her as “The Ice Princess,” but they claim that producers have been worried that “things were becoming combustible again” following McCain’s hiatus after the death of her father John McCain. Producers even reportedly warned her co-hosts to tread lightly when she first came back from the break.

Source: Daily Mail

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