WATCH: Mariah's Kids Sing Her Christmas Song

Mariah has recruited her twins to help her sing her holiday classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The singer shared a video of them singing the track in the car, with Roc and Roe expertly providing the background vocals. Check it out:

Also...Mariah opens up about her troubled childhood in a new interview with Pitchfork. 

"It was very difficult. People don’t really know about it because I’ve always been pretty vague, but I’ve alluded to it in certain songs," Carey explained. "A lot of intense stuff happened to me when I was a kid, that people who grew up with money or with families that weren’t fully dysfunctional will never quite understand." 

Mariah notes that a lot of her troubles stemmed from the fact that she felt like she “didn’t fit in,” noting that the “Caution” song “8th Grade” touches on the subject. “That is not a happy song,” she says. “When we were writing that song, I just had this melancholy thing in me, and it still felt young. I just know what I felt like." 

  • In the same article Mariah discusses the artists we’ve lost recently noting, "When we have lost some of our greatest, it's really taken a toll on me, as someone who grew up watching them and being inspired by them.” She adds, "You mentioned George Michael. I remember before my first album, even in high school, the 'Faith' album, I looked at that and said, 'I want to make an album that crosses all these genres.'” She said she and Michael once talked about all the troubles they both had gone through, adding, “when he passed away on that Christmas, I couldn't believe it because I thought he would be able to be OK."

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