Cardi B Says Baby Weight Loss Is Due to Laxatives

Cardi B is beloved for speaking her mind without a filter. She just claimed how she’d never soil herself due to laxatives because there’s always a Starbucks around the corner “and bushes.” (Entertainment Tonight)

Over Thanksgiving, Jameela Jamil criticized Cardi for a sponsored Instagram post promoting a detox tea. She gave credit to TeaMi Blends for helping her lose the baby weight.

The Good Place actress informed her followers that miracle weight loss teas are loaded with laxatives. Jameela warned that drinking them gives you diarrhea. (quote) “They got Cardi B on the laxative nonsense detox tea. I hope all these celebrities [crap] their pants in public.” (The Blast)

Cardi took the bait and commented directly to Jameela Jamil. (quote) “I will never [crap] my pants cause there’s public bathrooms everywhere … oooo and bushes.” (Comments by Celebs)

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