It's Starting... The Raccoon Revolution

Are the raccoons in Hampton Roads finally starting their revolt against the humans?

I've been called crazy. I've been called weird. Some in the work place have called this an obsession. Ballard told me to get a hobby... But yet, here we are my friend.

Earlier this week a raccoon in Poquoson tested positive for rabies. Officials with the Peninsula Health District say if you came into contact with a raccoon near the intersection of Little Florida Road and Pinckney Lane any time this month, you should give them a call. Ok fine that's not new news. I've reported on NUMEROUS rabid raccoons in the area for months. But wait...there's more!

Early Wednesday morning THOUSANDS in Portsmouth lost power thanks to a raccoon, according to Dominion Power. After much research, aka a lot of Googling, I couldn't find the reason WHY Dominion Power said a raccoon caused a power outage. Therefore I present to you my theories: 

Theory 1: A raccoon "accidentally" ran into a power line.
Theory 2: A raccoon "accidentally" ate through a main power line.
Theory 3 (the most likely): The raccoons gathered together, stole a pair of clippers from someone's garage, then went to the main power line in Portsmouth and PURPOSELY cut through the line and this was all a test for the big day. The day I have decided to call R-Day.


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