Britney Spears Evacuates Home Due to Wildfires

Out of extreme precaution, Britney Spears evacuated her home due to the wildfires.

Her 20-acre estate sits just outside the mandatory evacuation zone. Many of her neighbors in Thousand Oaks, California fled the flames. A flare-up on Tuesday threatened the area, which is just north of Malibu.

Now that the winds have begun to die down, Britney and her two sons are making plans to return home before the weekend. That’s bad news for the boys, who haven’t had to go to school all week. (Blast)

Firefighters hope for relief, but rain is not in the forecast for one week.

Because she’s returning to Las Vegas, her conservatorship attorneys asked for a raise and a judge granted it. She will pay them a half-million annually. (Radar Online)


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