BEST and Worst times to buy a Christmas Tree for PRICE!

WHEN do you buy the tree??? WHEN is the best price???

Obviously the BEST time is on Christmas Eve but that's just silly...But average price is $47 for a 7 footer.  

The WORST time to buy one is Cyber Monday, when the average tree is $81.  

Black Friday is the second-WORST time, at $77.

CLICK HERE for more pricing info. 

BTW, trees are almost 20% more expensive this year.   Some blame the recent hurricanes.

PRO TIP: If your tree is next to a wall or corner its okay to get the bump tree with branches missing on one side.  It's most likely 1/2 off and nobody will know.

 Oh...and I had to put this scene from Christmas Vacation on this blog...had to

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