WATCH: Ariana Grande Nearly Face-Plants on Ellen

Ariana Grande performs today on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

For the first time, Ari sings “Thank U, Next” for an audience. You’ll want to watch because Ariana trips in her thigh-high boots and nearly face-plants.

The wardrobe for her and the backup singers is straight out of the movie First Wives’ Club. The stage is decorated to look like a wedding reception. Ariana jumps up on a chair during the second verse. But climbing back down, her left heel snags the edge of the seat and Ariana screams outs “Oooops!”

Once she catches her balance, Ariana laughs through the next line of lyrics. (Too Fab)

See the whole performance HERE

  • She leaves no doubt that her mic is hot during the performance.
  • Ariana also released a lyric video of “Thank U, Next” because she never enunciates her words.
  • Of her two exes in 2018, Ariana sings “Even almost got married and for Pete I'm so thankful. Wish I could say 'Thank you' to Malcolm cause he was an angel.” 

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