Election Update: Dems Take House, GOP Keeps Senate

The blue wave that Democrats were hoping for didn't quite develop, but nor did a red tide Republicans thought might occur. Instead, both parties had big wins and huge losses in Tuesday night's midterm elections.

For the Democrats, the good news was taking back control of the House, by picking up seats not only in blue states, but also red and purple parts of the country, including New York, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Texas and others.

By midnight eastern time, the Democrats took control of the House by winning at least 23 of the seats necessary even before the results came in from blue state California.

Donald Trump called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just before midnight to congratulate her.

It was also a big night for women, with at least 90 winning House elections.

The Dems also won races for governor in Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico and Michigan, but Republicans took a key race in Florida and led in Georgia.

The Republicans were also able to boost their slim 51-49 majority in the Senate with wins in North Dakota, Indiana and Tennessee.

Though Trump wasn't directly involved in a race, in some respects the election was all about him, with voters using their choices to express support or opposition for the president. According exit polling, two-thirds of those interviewed said Trump paid a big part in their vote, with 40 percent saying they voted to express their displeasure with the president and 25 percent saying they used their votes to show support for Trump. (Los Angeles Times)

Here's a look at the results of some key races:

  • In Florida, Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis won the battle for governor, over Tallahassee Mayor Ron Gillum, who had hopes over becoming the first black man to lead the state. (CNBC)
  • In California, Gavin Newsom scored a big win over Republican John Cox, and vowed to continue to do battle with Donald Trump. (L.A. Times) Senator Dianne Feinstein also won re-election.
  • In Texas, Senator Ted Cruz was able to hold on to his seat and defeat upstart challenger Beto O'Rourke, despite the fact that he was able stage one of the best-financed runs in history. (The New York Times)
  • Republican Josh Hawley beat out incumbent Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri. (CBS News)
  • In Georgia, Republican Brian Kemp had a narrow lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams in the race for governor, which could end up in a recount or run-off. (WSB-TV)
  • In New York, Democrats racked up their first sweep of the state Senate in 10 years. (New York Daily News)
  • News-making gay marriage foe Kim Davis lost her bid for re-election for Rowan County, Kentucky clerk. (The Hill)

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