George Clooney's Wife Makes Him Donate Harley

George Clooney is letting go one of his beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycles… for a good cause! He’s donating a bike to an auction for the charity Homes For Troops, a non-profit that builds and donates custom homes to injured 9/11 veterans. And it looks like he’ll get some brownie points with his wife Amal, too, since she reportedly had a hand in the gesture.

Apparently, Amal has been trying to get him off the hogs ever since his crash in Italy back in July that saw him hospitalized. At the time, he flew 20 feet in the air after crashing with a Mercedes-Benz at more than 65 miles per hour. Luckily, he was okay, but it looks like his wife has been understandably nervous about him getting on motorcycles after the incident.

Clooney’s motorcycle is one of the most expensive items up for auction with a starting bid of $25,000, among other celebrity memorabilia like a signed Beastie Boys book and sneakers signed by Ellen DeGeneres. If you’re thinking of bidding on it, or just want to see it for yourself, check out the listing HERE.

Source: Daily Mail

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