Justin Bieber Has Entered the World of Face Tattoos

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got matching tattoos. He put it on his face. Call him Post Malone Junior -- or Lil Post Malone.

Justin’s face tattoo looks dainty. The word “grace” appears to be five-point cursive font over his right eye. Some people initially believed his tattoo was “errant eyebrow hairs needing to be plucked.”

Hailey used the same font to write “style” on her body in a secret location. So together, they are “Style & Grace.” (New York Post)

Meanwhile, Bieber’s feeling hallow on the inside. Despite his celebrity status, number one hits and a newlywed bride. A source told People magazine, (quote) “Justin has days when he feels empty and confused. He feels something is missing from his life that can’t be bought. It’s a missing feeling of happiness.”

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