Chesapeake is EXPENSIVE!

I'm not sure I fully agree with this...

According to the website Zumper Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach made the  list of the 100 most expensive cities. Chesapeake is tied for 48th with Salt Lake City, Utah, with a median price of $1,030 for a one-bedroom rental. Virginia Beach ranks 50th, with a median price of $1,020 for a one-bedroom, and Norfolk is in a four-way tie for 74th with Chattanooga, Tennessee; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Knoxville, Tennessee. The median price for a one-bedroom in these four cities is $780.

If you're from Hampton Roads you know it is a bit expensive to live here, partly due to the military but I still can't believe Chesapeake, CHESAPEAKE, made the list. At least we're not as bad as the Bay Area. You can check out the full list here


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