Megyn Kelly Goes Mama Bear on Paparazzi

Megyn Kelly has been quiet since apologizing for the blackface incident that ultimately led to “Megyn Kelly Today” being cancelled. However, she broke her silence to blast the paparazzi that have been hanging around her house in the aftermath. 

Megyn said that she tried to take her kids to school yesterday. She went out, offered the photographers donuts, and asked them not to take pictures of her children. Everyone complied except The Daily Mail. According to Megyn, they “[first] published photos of my [husband Douglas Brent] IN OUR HOME [and] then ‘did’ [photograph] my kids, trailed us to my daughter’s school, [and] secretly videotaped my [seven]-year-old child (her classmates, too) [and] posted it. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.” So far, the Daily Mail hasn’t responded to Kelly’s claims. 

Meanwhile, Megyn’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, has accused NBC News of leaking false stories to the media to make his client look bad. To review, the story is that she’s looking for more money than her reported $69 million dollar contract requires. In a statement, Bryan said, “If NBC News is not the source then they have a responsibility as a news division to correct these false claims. Or are they somehow attempting to use these fabrications for some fictitious advantage in the discussions we’re having? If [NBC News boss] Andy Lack has lost control, my hope would be that [NBCUniversal CEO] Steve Burke can step in and not permit blatant lies about our discussions to remain uncorrected.” 

An NBC spokesperson responded to Freedman’s accusations with, “Unlike Mr. Freedman, who has repeatedly commented to the media throughout the negotiations, we respect the confidentiality of the process, and will have no comment until it reaches its conclusion.”

Source: Megyn Kelly

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