Big Payout for Megyn Kelly Doubtful

Megyn Kelly won’t get the quickie divorce from NBC that she’d like.

The network balked at her demand for a contract payout worth $70 million. An insider called it a non-starter (quote) “No one wants to reward what was unacceptable behavior by Megyn or anyone else.”

Meanwhile, NBC wants a non-disclosure agreement. But so far, Megyn Kelly refused to sign away her rights. She has stories to tell about her short and turbulent stint at NBC.

The two parties continue to negotiate her departure. Megyn’s team placed feelers for who wants her now. It does not look good. Those calls have not been returned. 

Here’s one place Megyn might land: CBS lost a co-host at The Talk when Julie Chen departed after her husband’s firing for sexual misconduct.

(Deadline Hollywood)

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