Food Lion & Kroger Are Expanding!

Let me ask you a question. Have we become so lazy that we can no longer shop for our own groceries? Or is it that we're just simply too BUSY to shop for our own groceries?

Earlier this week both Kroger and Food Lion announced new services for Hampton Roads shoppers.

Food Lion announced they'll be offering online shopping services. The new online service, Food Lion To-Go, lets customers shop online before they pick up at participating stores. Customers will now be able to buy the fresh food items without having to leave their house until pick-up. This process can be done in under an hour. 

Meanwhile Kroger announced that it will expand its Kroger Ship service in Hampton Roads. The service allows customers to shop online and place orders for delivery. Kroger says deliveries can arrive at customers' homes as quickly as the next day.

So get ready Hampton Roads! Who needs to ever leave their house when you can watch any movie you want instantly on your television, have food delivered to you, and now groceries delivered as well.

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