IF you win Mega Millions here are the things NOT to do!!!

Soooo Mega Millions is up to 900 Million dollars for the Friday drawing!  To be clear, winning is dangerous especially with that amount of money!  In fact, most winners blow their money in the first FEW MONTHS! Crazy but historically that is what happens.  BUT, in my opinion the first thing NOT to do is post on social media!  Because people like me will hunt you down to ask for money!

More officially, Here are 12 things not to do if you win the lottery according to USA Today:

• Forget to sign a ticket or report it to the state. 

• Tell everyone you know. 

 Automatically decide to take the up-front cash. 

 Think that you are the smartest person to manage your money and finances. 

 Let your debts remain in place. 

 Become the generous high-roller, living the life. 

 Buy everything for everyone, or even for yourself.

 Say to hell with a budget. 

 Become the business backer for all your friends and family. 

 Give away the whole enchilada. 

• Get celebrity and athlete envy. 

• Think that laws and decency standards no longer apply. 

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