WATCH: Tara Reid Get Bounced from a Delta Flight

Tara Reid was apparently removed from a Delta Airlines flight to New York City from Los Angeles, California last night. As the story goes, the pilot had to turn the plane around after leaving the gate, citing a “customer service issue,” but it was actually Tara being removed.

While the video shows a more calm exchange, witnesses say she was in a rage over some inconveniences - including being in the wrong seat, being cramped and never getting a pillow. But the time the available video got rolling, we only see a flight attendant telling her she needed to get off, and her looking irritated as she carried her dog down the aisle.

As for what set her off, Tara reportedly thought she had a window seat (but was stuck on an aisle), and when the woman sitting in front of her reclined, she felt cramped. A rep for the star has confirmed that she's the one who was deplaned...but not much more. Tara apparently boarded a different flight after the incident, and a spokesperson for Delta says that the flight eventually took off for New York City "after the brief delay." Check out the video shot of the incident by a passenger:

Source: TMZ

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