PIC: Meghan Markle Debuts Baby Bump

You know that after weeks of speculation, it’s been confirmed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting. We told you before that rumors came to a head when Meghan showed up to Princess Eugenie’s wedding in a coat that she kept on the entire time… but now, she’s stepped out for the first time showing off her baby bump!

It's not terribly large, of course - as she's only about 12-weeks pregnant - but as Meghan and Harry toured the Admiralty House in Sydney, the white dress she wore revealed (though barely) the reason they made the announcement.

With the baby due sometime in Spring of 2019, plus Meghan in as great shape as ever, you can just barely make out the beginnings of a baby bump. See all the pics for yourself HERE and below.

For now, Meghan and Harry have a busy two weeks ahead of them in Australia. Luckily, she has the support of Prince William and KateMiddleton, who a source says are “very excited’ for the two. Since they’re already parenting pros, they’re ready to help them out “in any way they need over the months ahead.”

  • ONE MORE THING! It looks like Queen Elizabeth II is also thrilled that her grandson and Meghan are expecting. In fact, she’s given Harry the gift of a new honorary title, “personal aide-de-camp to the Queen.” Duties include representing the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament and represent her at memorial services, among others. Others in the royal fam with the title include Prince Philip, Harry's dadPrince Charles, and Harry's brother
  • BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! In a sweet, but subtle nod to the late Princess Diana, Meghan was also spotted wearing butterfly earrings and a bracelet that once belonged to Harry's beloved mother. Check out the picture below.
  • And by the way...The baby hasn’t even arrived yet, but snitches are already trying to throw smoke. According to "Radar Online," the couple is already butting heads over who will be the nanny. Sources say Harry wants to keep with royal tradition and have a Royal nanny. But Meghan reportedly wants her mom, Doria Ragland help out. If these rumors are true, the couple sure is hiding it well – they’ve been nothing but smiles during their trip Down Under!

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