Ed Sheeran Pays More in Taxes than Amazon or Starbucks

You may have heard recently how Ed Sheeran is making money hand over fist on his current tour -- to the tune of about $13.5-million a night.

The British tabloid The Sun did some further investigation into his income, and say it's massive. In fact, it came out to just under 100,000 U.S. dollars a day last year. Reportedly, he took in a profit for the year of $35-million after expenses, which makes him the richest solo artist in the world, surpassing Adele

According to The Sun, he also paid just more than $7-million in tax at home in the U.K., a total that actually surpasses the amount paid there by mega-corporations Amazon (which paid around $6-million there) and Starbucks ($4.3-million).

So what does Sheeran do with all that dough? The Sun cites an interview last year with OK! Magazine in which he says he barely thinks about it:

"It's like, earn a penny, spend a penny with me. As soon as it comes in, it goes out. I don't have that much value on it. I have more value on my friends and family being okay. A lot of my money goes to charity or to children's hospitals near where I live. I have enough to be comfortable and the rest goes to help people. I do think money is the root of all evil. I’ve never lost more friends in my life than I have done after finding money coming to my life.”

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