Taylor Swift Credited With Voter Registration Surge

As we previously told you, Taylor Swift received some backlash for jumping into politics with her first-ever endorsement of two Democratic candidates in her home state of Tennessee. Well, it turns out, her post may have done some good.

In addition to her endorsement, Taylor also encouraged fans to register to vote, and apparently they listened. According to the non-profit Vote.org, there has been a voter registration surge thanks to Taylor. Close to 65,000 Americans between 18 and 29 registered within 24 hours of her Instagram post, with that number going up to 102,000 by noon yesterday. What’s more, close to 70% of those registrations coming from those under 25.

Her effect is specifically being felt in Tennessee, where more than 5,000 people registered by noon yesterday, two times more than in September, which had a high of 2,811 new registrants.

Source: CNBC

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