Ben Affleck's Playboy Girlfriend Learned About Split from TMZ

Nobody told Shauna Sexton that Ben Affleck broke up with her.

Tuesday afternoon, she was still driving Ben’s Ford Expedition. She told the tabloids that reports of a split were “not accurate” and greatly exaggerated.

His sobriety coaches have weaseled their way between Shauna and Ben. For weeks they’ve called her a distraction. One of Jennifer Garner’s friends revealed (quote) “No one in his life thinks that he should be getting involved with Shauna.”

The 22-year-old Playboy model sent a cryptic message to the growing number of her Instagram followers. She posted a photo of her reading from a page of the women’s empowerment book The Guide to Why You Are Already Enough. On the page, the passage reads (quote) “Quit over-explaining. The world is still going to judge you.”

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