Ben Affleck's Playboy Girlfriend Learned About Split from TMZ

posted by Danny - 

Nobody told Shauna Sexton that Ben Affleck broke up with her.

Tuesday afternoon, she was still driving Ben’s Ford Expedition. She told the tabloids that reports of a split were “not accurate” and greatly exaggerated.

His sobriety coaches have weaseled their way between Shauna and Ben. For weeks they’ve called her a distraction. One of Jennifer Garner’s friends revealed (quote) “No one in his life thinks that he should be getting involved with Shauna.”

The 22-year-old Playboy model sent a cryptic message to the growing number of her Instagram followers. She posted a photo of her reading from a page of the women’s empowerment book The Guide to Why You Are Already Enough. On the page, the passage reads (quote) “Quit over-explaining. The world is still going to judge you.”


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