Do you know who Billie Eilish is? YOU should.

Sooooo I was the old guy in the crowd last night at the SOLD OUT Billie Eilish show.  It was at the Norva and the average age was about 15.  Myself, Ballard from ALT1053 and our promo director Christian claimed 90% of the bar sales!  haha.  ANYWAY, I walked away educated on a up and coming superstar with the IG user name of @WhereAreTheAvacados.  1500 people singing every word and a few parents that simply stood there confused! (That was kinda the best part).  

Check out my video from the balcony and then see some of her official video.  If you're scared, its okay.  its close to Halloween.  I'm now a fan...a creepy old guy one. haha 

Ps. That spider coming out of her mouth isn't necessary.



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