WATCH: Ellen Opens Up About Being Sexually Assaulted

A number of Hollywood celebs have shown their support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford following her testimony regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And with just a day until the first anniversary of the "New York Times" report on Harvey Weinstein, which shook the nation, the list of survivors is still growing. 

The latest? Busy Philipps and Ellen DeGeneres. During her appearance on the show yesterday, she and Ellen both got very candid about their experiences with sexual assault. Philipps said that she was inspired speak her own truth after 25 years by the “bravery” of Ford - and Ellen agreed. THEN she opened up about having a similar experience at the age of 15. 

“Anyone that’s had something happen to them, you just get so angry when someone doesn’t believe you,” Ellen noted. “So you at 14, me at 15, God knows how many people in this audience have had something happen.” Phillips agreed and noted that the communal sharing is cathartic. “I feel like it’s a real moment of reckoning for women,” Philipps added. “That we sort of collectively carried this burden for so long. And it’s time to share it.” 

Meanwhile...journalist Connie Chung offered up an open letter to Dr. Ford, which has been published in the Washington Post.  Chung says that listening to Ford found her own “dirty little secret rearing its ugly head.” “I, too, was sexually assaulted," she notes. "Not 36 years ago, but about 50 years ago.” It was a doctor - and she says shame kept her quiet all this time.

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