Report: Lamar Odom Was Kidnapped & Held For Ransom

You would think a near-death experience would inspire Lamar Odom to get himself together. Clearly that’s just wishful thinking on our parts. According to Radar Online, Lamar was recently kidnapped and held hostage by some bookies over a gambling debt. 

Apparently the ex-Mr. Khloé Kardashianhad gone to visit Savanna Waldrop– his girlfriend at the time – in Portland, Oregon. He told her before he got there that he wanted to gamble. Since he didn’t have any money of his own, he ended up borrowing $10 thousand dollars from some shady locals. He lost the money in 20 minutes. At that point, no only was he in danger, but also Savanna and her two-year-old daughter. 

A source said, “Within 24 hours, the bookies were harassing them, following them to their Airbnb and hotel, ad waiting for them in the parking lot.” They took Lamar hostage and held him for ransom. After pawning his necklace and securing about half the money, the bookies let him go. 

  • Lamar still owes about $5-thousand bucks. Not sure where he’s gonna get the money, but he thinks that he and Savanna will one day “laugh about it on a beach somewhere getting high.” He also had the nerve and unmitigated gall to turn it around on her. He told her – via text – that he saved her tail and that if it wasn’t for him, what would’ve happened. Our favorite is this one – “I ruined my whole trip with what happened yesterday. I don’t think [you] realize how I stopped [ish] from getting physical!!” At this point, we’re not sure if he and Savanna are still together.

As you can see, Lamar is having some fun with this on his twitter account:

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