Is Norfolk Southern moving to Atlanta?? They are offering $1.75 Billion

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There is a big bid to move OUR Norfolk Southern to the ATL!  Lot of us work there and that could be life changing.  Atlanta is offering them almost $2 Billion dollars to move!  Ummmm That' a hell of an offer and a vote is coming up soon.  CLICK HERE to check out a good article from WAVY-TV about it.

Check out the below video that describes it better and....take note of the old school tv commericals I found about Norfolk Southern too.

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Predicting the future, X-ray vision, speaking to trains? These “superpowers,” made possible by advanced rail technologies, are helping Norfolk Southern redefine the world of transportation. In our new #commercial, we celebrate the NS employees who are unlocking amazing abilities using the power of #technology. Thanks to their efforts, NS is boldly reimagining a safer, smarter future for our company and the entire rail industry. Be sure to visit our technology page: #safety #dataanalytics #team #transportation

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