Lady Gaga Fans Try to Sabotage the Movie "Venom"

Are Lady Gaga’s fans resorting to unethical means to make sure her movie “A Star Is Born” opens at number one? Well, it looks like it’s possible.

Gaga’s film opens Friday opposite the latest Marvel flick, “Venom,” which so far has been getting bad reviews, as compared to “A Star Is Born” raves. Well, now some are suggesting all those bad “Venom” reviews are coming from Gaga Little Monsters and bots in order to guarantee Gaga does better at the box office.

And it’s not like Gaga’s fans are above such behavior. They’ve been responsible for similar troll behavior in the past, and are even known to fight with other fan groups. And one fan, who goes by the name @LGMonster95, has outright admitted trying to sabotaged “Venom.”

"It's us Gaga fans creating fake IDs to trash the ‘Venom’ premiere," the user writes. "They both are getting released on the same day, so we want more audience for ‘A Star Is Born.’"

Source: Buzzfeed

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