GISELE: Does She Want Hubby Tom Brady to Retire?

Gisele Bündchen is seeing a new light when it comes to her husband Tom Brady’s football career. We've reported rumors that she wanted him to retire before. But now, a few years before the age Brady previously revealed he's thinking of actually retiring, she’s reconsidering.

During her recent interview on “Good Morning America,” Bündchen said that she’s just happy that her hubby is so passionate about football. Any doubts she had in the past she pinned on her concerns for his well-being as his wife… especially given the physical nature of the sport.

“You just feel very protective of [your family,]” she explained. “So, obviously if someone hurts my children, my husband, anyone I love, I get like a lioness.” See a clip of the interview to the right.

  • But it’s not just Gisele who has her hubby’s back, he has hers too. She also revealed that she’s struggled with panic attacks and suicidal thoughts, the worst of which came in her twenties. During their marriage...which is going on 10 years now, she says Brady has brought her “a sense of balance.”

Source: Us Weekly

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