SELFICIDE: A Shocking Number of People Die Taking Selfies

Scientists are calling for “no selfie zones” after the incredible number of “selficides” was revealed in a new study.

Between 2011 and 2017, 259 people have been accidentally killed in all kinds of different ways while taking selfies all over the world.

The most common ways that people die while taking selfies is by drowning, being hit by traffic or falling.

And it happens overwhelmingly to men, with nearly three-quarters of the victims being male (153).

Eight people were killed by animals while taking selfies and another 16 were electrocuted in the same period.

The country where most of the deaths happened was India which accounted for around half of all the selfie-related deaths, closely followed by Russia, the US and Pakistan.

Dr. Agam Bansal at the India Institute of Medical Sciences led the research which was published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care.

He said: “Selfies are themselves not harmful, but the human behavior that accompanies selfies is dangerous.”

“‘No selfie zones’ areas should be declared across many tourist areas, [especially] places such as water bodies, mountain peaks, and over tall buildings to decrease the incidence of selfie-related deaths.”


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