Lindsay Lohan Seen in Public for First Time Since Slap

As we told you before, Lindsay Lohan found herself in a very strange situation in France over the weekend - that ended with her getting knocked to the ground. She live streamed a video of herself attempting to "rescue" two alleged Syrian refugees whom she believed were involved in human trafficking.

She ended up following these two adults and the children around shouting at them in Arabic and Russian until the woman eventually turned around and smacked her in the face. Many accused Lohan of attempted kidnapping, but she is adamant the two adults were not parents of the children and she believed the kids were in immediate danger.

Either way, she's now made her first public appearance on the streets of Paris - and looks no worse for the wear. Still, the Twitterverse has been wondering VERY aloud if the even grasps what the heck she's sticking her nose into. Meanwhile, her reps haven't commented about any of it,

Source: Daily Mail

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