Justin Bieber Confirms: He's Married!

TMZ finally admitted this morning that People magazine “got it right.” They reported from the start that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin exchanged vows in a New York City courthouse. Then honeymooned in Europe for 10 days.

TMZ has fresh details from the elopement. One of Justin’s friends, Josh Mehl, witnessed the ceremony. Justin brought along a minister, too. His name is Jeffrey Quinn. He’s on the faculty of a college near the courthouse. 

So Hailey got hitched without a pre-nup. Even though Justin’s team pleaded with him to get that agreement on paper before exchanging vows. Instead, Hailey and Justin are working on a “post-nup.”

Over the weekend, the newlyweds visited the Bieber Museum at his hometown. Justin introduced fans and guests to Hailey and called her “my wife.” (Calgary Herald)

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