WATCH: "Walking Dead" Cast Says Goodbye to Andrew Lincoln

We previously reported that “Walking Dead” star Andrew Lincoln confirmed his departure from the show following its upcoming ninth season. With the new season set to premiere on October 7th, Lincoln and the rest of the cast recently hit the red carpet for a bittersweet season premiere party in Los Angeles, California.

Talking to reporters, the actor said that while he’s excited to head back to London, where his wife and children live, attending his last ever red carpet premiere as a cast member has been an “emotional and rough night.” But at the same time, he reflects fondly upon his career, saying that his castmates have become his “extended family.” And by the same token, his fellow actors said some heartfelt words on the carpet to see him off.

  • Norman Reedus is a dad, too, so he understands why Lincoln is leaving. But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to miss spending his lunch-breaks hanging out with the actor in his trailer. “He’s got a beautiful family, and he needs to be with them,” he added. “But I’m going to miss the hell out of him every day. He’s like a brother, and he’s a very important person to me.”
  • Danai Gurira said it’s Lincoln’s leadership and “endless kindness” that she’s going to miss. “You don’t meet people like Andy Lincoln often,” she noted. “It’s been a beautiful journey, and an honor to work with him.” 
  • Executive producer Greg Nicotero gave some hints at how the show will send Sheriff Rick Grimes off. He admitted that when he heard Lincoln was leaving, his initial thought was how “trippy” it was going to be for the audience. “We wanted to write him out by giving Rick a send-off that paid tribute to his entire journey on the show, and in a way that was worthy of his character,” he said. He promised the final season will be “breathtaking” with some “kick-a** scenes with horses.”
  • As for Lincoln’s future? Well, he’ll actually be returning to the set – this time as a shadow director for season ten. That will mark his directorial debut… partially thanks to his wife Gael. “I think my wife’s been keen to kick me out of the house,” he added. “She says, ‘Go back and see them. Stop moping around and making chutney.’”

Source: Vanity Fair

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