WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Hit in the Face, Live Streaming Bizarre Incident

Lindsay Lohan has confused and shocked fans after live streaming a strange incident on her Instagram. In the video, which has since been deleted, Lindsay is shown walking up to a family sitting on the street who she describes as a “Syrian refugee family” that she’s going to “introduce” her viewers to. Check out the video below, as re-uploaded by a fan on Twitter.

But things take a strange turn when she starts following them and accusing them of trafficking the children they are with. As she continues to follow them, she accuses them of “ruining Arabic culture by doing this.” Towards the end of the video, the actress appears to get hit in the face by the woman after she says “give me your hand” to one of the children, presumably trying to take their hand although it’s not shown in frame.

The video ends as Lohan turns the camera towards herself and appears to be crying, saying, “I’m like in shock right now, I’m just like so scared.” Fans on social media have their own takes on the incident, which has raised a lot of questions. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Twitter user @SarahFlo93 doesn’t seem surprised by the latest reason LiLo has hit headlines. “When I saw Lindsay Lohan trending I knew it had to be bad and then I actually found out why…,” she writes.
  • User @Vanessalfeoma knows the actress has had her rough spots, but even so she’s done with people trying to justify this latest incident. “People sympathizing with Lindsay Lohan racially harassing a family & attempting to abduct a child saying ‘maybe shes in a bad place’ is the ultimate example of white privilege,” they write. “Like I don’t know how to explain that mental illness is not a sufficient excuse to steal children lmao”
  • Another user @RoxannSeason posts a photo of Lindsay’s Twitter bio, which originally reads “Activist, Actress, Artist.” Only now, the user added “Abductor” to the list. “So now Lindsay Lohan can not only claim activist, actress and artist but amateur abductor too,” she writes. “Let’s not take this foolishness into 2019… please.”

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